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I went to Katsur Dental in Lower Burrell for a routine exam. The dentist (woman from India, forgot her name) said that I had 3 fillings that were "leaking" and that needed to be replaced.

I was shocked because they looked normal and I didn't have any problems with them. The first 2 were done and afterwards I had extreme pain and sensitivity in the one. Then they worked on the third a week later. They drilled out the old filling and replaced it with more filling.

The woman that filled it was very clumsy and kept banging my top, front teeth with her tools. Then when I went out to my car, I almost fainted. They broke off the front of the molar and filled it in with silver filling. Before the tooth just had a small filling in the center of it and now the whole front of the tooth was gone.

Plus, there were shards of metal all through my mouth. I wanted to cry, I pride myself in having beautiful teeth and this has caused me severe anxiety. I did research after the fact and found that my teeth didn't even meet the criteria for a "leaking" tooth. In my opinion, they fixed what wasn't broken to make a few bucks, only at my expense and my crappy insurances expense that only pays for me to go there.

Words of advice, do not go to Katsur!!! Pay out of pocket for a good dentist, it will be worth every penny!

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I went to the one in Monroeville PA. I went for one root canal on my left side Not only was the service terrible the dentist was only present for the operation, the dental assistant was the one with me talking to me.

i explained i was there to have a tooth removed from my left side but the dentist came in and told me i had several other teeth that he was going to do first the only he selected he was very bad and the one in the back to not worry about at this time he said the threat was with a different tooth and told me thats the one he was going to remove. There was nothing wrong with this tooth it was on my right side he was extracting my fang which had a slight chip at the tip of it. During it he had an attitude, the assistant was drownng me and when i spoke up he said " Do we have a problem" ad his hand in a fist i said yes i cant breath! he ignored it when back to the same thing.

He left the sucking thing on a dry end of my mouth while his assist. was filling the back end of my throat. this can be very hard esp. if your numb from novacain.

they gave me a hard time, i didnt want novacain i wanted an alternative - theres always an alternative. These dentists - they dont care about you- See they are failures- they go to school to be doctors and when they fail the degree they get [placed below as a dentist. dentists are failures .

Go to an oral surgeon someone who can specialize in what u need who went to school just for that reason. they passed and for their specialty degrees


:grin ME too.....Thats hilarious LOL


LOL, actually made me feel a little better, thanks for the laugh


I have it worse. Dr.

Patel told me I had a rotten tooth at a routine exam and said it had to be extracted. That made no sense to me since I had no pain I was like whatever. She put me under and when I woke up my pants were down around my ankles and she sealed me pee hole and *** up with silver filling. She said she did it because I made fun of her uncle who owns a 7-11 nearby.

I would take a messed up tooth than not being able to *** or take a ***. People got bigger problems.

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